The Board of Directors of NPower, is proud to announce that Gail Fierstein, former Managing Director, Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. has recently joined its Board of Directors. "Gail has already added so much value to NPower. We could not be more pleased to have her join our board and continue to support our mission of bringing the tech community together for social good", said Stephanie Cuskley, CEO, NPower. Gail is co-chair of NPower’s Women’s Advisory Council which, through The Community Corps and TSC, works with nonprofits and corporate women in technology to encourage more women and girls to pursue careers in technology. She is also a member of NPower's TSC Advisory Council, which works to continually expand and improve NPower's TSC program.

Gail served as Managing Director at Goldman Sachs in the Human Capital Management division and partnered with business leaders to develop practices that enhanced the employee value proposition. For the last 12 years she developed talent frameworks designed to increase management accountability, created a career development culture, and increased diversity.

In over a 25-year span with Goldman in the IT and HR divisions Gail focused on transforming the organization. Her first 13 years were spent in IT as a software developer, then project manager, and product line manager where she designed and implemented systems to meet the increasingly complex demands of the firm’s control infrastructure. In her role as the HCM head for Business Partner teams, she was an active voice for women and in particular women in IT. Gail was responsible for the firm’s workforce re-entry programs, The “Returnship” – an internship designed for people rejoining the workforce after an extended personal time off - and the Veterans Intern Program (VIP).

Gail has experience managing global talent, having lived in Tokyo for 4 years and spent considerable time in London. Gail led the talent strategy for the build out of GS’s Bangalore office, which is now the third largest office. She had direct management experience for global cross-functional teams in NY, London, Asia, Bangalore and Salt Lake City. Gail is a co-chair on the Taskforce for Center for Talent Innovation and is involved in several research topics focused on women - “The Athena Factor”, “Women in IT in Financial Services: Underleveraged Assets”, “The Sponsor Effect” and “Executive Presence”.