Kendra Parlock forges ahead as the executive director of NPower Maryland

Kendra Parlock as the executive director of NPower Maryland. Serving some of the poorest neighborhoods in East and West Baltimore, the organization provides tuition-free information technology (IT) training and certifications to job seekers, offering a fast-track to jobs with employers committed to hiring diverse IT talent.

Nonprofit helping people of color land high-paying tech jobs

Baltimore Times reports: African Americans in Baltimore have suffered as much as anyone because of the coronavirus pandemic. To add to all the other stressors, many haven’t been able to work remotely. One local nonprofit is bringing hope to Baltimore, by providing free training in coding and tech fundamentals, helping them launch careers in technology.

Sakina Goode

“While on my journey at NPower, the staff went above and beyond what I signed up for. They provided basic knowledge of technology, invited innovative entrepreneurs to share their expertise and experience, helped with my challenges by providing resources and assistance, including clothing, shelter, food and transportation.”

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Serving young adults in East and West Baltimore

Connecting Baltimore’s young adults to IT career success

Baltimore ranks as one of the 20 hottest cities for tech growth and the top city for women in tech according to SmartAsset’s Best Cities for Women in Tech 2020 report. However, the city along with its outlining counties have more than *36,000 disconnected youth ages 16-24 who are not in school or working. 

*Measure of America of the Social Science Research Council - 2019 Youth Disconnection Report

Located in both East and West Baltimore neighborhoods, NPower provides tuition-FREE technology training and certifications to young adult job seekers, offering an alternative fast-track to tech jobs with employers committed to hiring diverse IT talent.

Learning the Fundamentals of IT?

Our Tech Fundamentals program is your entry point to a tech-based career. In as little as 23 weeks you will master the basics of IT with real-world application and credentials.

What’s New in Maryland

Check out the latest News & Events from NPower’s Maryland Offices.

NPower Maryland Contacts

Kendra Parlock
Executive Director
Demetrius Goodwin
Program Director
Sid Wilson
Placement Director

Our Maryland Offices

Contact our local NPower office if you are interested in applying for the program or attending an information session.

East Baltimore

901 N. Milton Avenue, Suite 200
Baltimore, Maryland 21205

West Baltimore

1101 West Pratt Street, Suite 1A
Baltimore, Maryland 21223

Marlon G.

My friend told me about NPower and I felt that it’s a great opportunity for me to gain some technical skills in the IT field. I have a passion for the ever-changing innovations that the technology field has to offer. I felt very supported in this training program and I’m looking forward to the additional support offered as I become an alumni.

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