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Escaping Homelessness Through Tech

Anthony Shaw

IT Project Manager, Citi

After four years of actively serving and protecting his country in the U.S. Navy, Anthony struggled to find meaningful and fulfilling employment.

Trapped in a cycle of dead-end jobs offering no potential for growth and advancement, Anthony encountered extremely rough times, facing financial hardship and eventually homelessness.

But he did not allow his circumstances to dictate his next steps. He pushed through and secured a job in customer service at a rental car company to help make ends meet. A customer, who happened to be an NPower alumnus, introduced him to the program and encouraged him to apply. While his journey wasn’t always easy facing challenges personally and professionally, including residing in a shelter during the program and working as an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) on nights and weekends, the results outweighed his struggle.

Upon graduating from the Tech Fundamentals program, Anthony secured an internship at Citi and has recently been promoted to a full-time IT Project Manager. In addition to increasing his salary by 40%, Anthony loves what he does and has accomplished his personal goal of working in project management.

Anthony knows firsthand how a tech career can be life-changing and continues to look for ways to help others experiencing hardships in life to succeed. 

"Thanks to NPower, I am now working full-time as an IT Project Manager at Citi. I absolutely love what I do, and I am grateful for this opportunity, I plan to continue growing and developing in my new and exciting career. Additionally, I want to help contribute to someone else’s success who is experiencing hardship."
Anthony celebrating his graduation from the Tech Fundamentals program.
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