From the Navy to Nanobots

Anthony Plummer (US Navy)
Data Consultant, Icon Information Consultants

“I joined NPower to enhance my knowledge in the Information Technology field and to be guided in the right direction to monetize real-time data solutions. I learned various techniques in which industry best practices can be applied to B2B related solutions in the IT community. I also became a certified Computer Service Technician which reassures my knowledge in Information Technology is field operational by industry standards. I keep going because of the people depending on me to be ready and capable, myself included. There is no doubt about what the future holds; computers, computers, and more computers, software, hardware, nanobots, it’s all here. I joined NPower to tap into that future and utilize the networks they have built as intended. As fortune would have it, I landed an internship with Bank of America and I owe much of my success to NPower.”