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Jonay S.

A U.S. Army Wife's Sacrifice Pays Off in a Big Way

Jonay S.

IT Generalist Apprentice, Citi

As a military spouse, Jonay was accustomed to transition. When she discovered NPower, she decided to take a risk and move solo from Maryland to Texas to pursue a career in tech. With no prior IT experience, she excelled in the program and landed a full time position at Citi earning 2x more than she previously had. She continues to give back to NPower through volunteering and mentoring other veteran students. 

The NPower staff was always supportive and understanding of the sacrifice we were making and helped anyway they could.  After a year of sacrifice and time apart from my husband, I eagerly looked forward to starting my position with Citi. During my internship and apprenticeship at Citi, I have gained IT experience within a global company, applying the skills and training received from the program.
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