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A Second Chance for an Army Veteran

Raymond R.

IT Project Intermediate Analyst, Citi

I am a proud U.S. Army veteran and technology professional. That sentence means the world to me, but it hides the challenges and sacrifices I’ve had along the way.

After retiring from service in 2016, I became a commercial truck driver. It was a paycheck and something to do, but a dead-end with no growth or opportunities to learn. Coming from the “Be All You Can Be” Army, I was hungry for more. When I heard about NPower, I hesitated. Nothing in my previous experience included information technology. I pushed doubt aside and took a chance on myself.

The class was difficult and I had to study harder than most but, day-by-day, I built a solid foundation. The instructors and staff were uncompromising in their belief that anyone who puts forth the effort can be successful – they are truly the greatest assets of this organization. When I tried to give up, the NPower team wouldn’t let it happen.

I secured a paid technology internship with Citi which transitioned to a full-time position. I am now an Infrastructure Delivery Manager at one of the country’s premier financial institutions. I can honestly say that the reason I’m here is because of the training and mentorship I received from NPower.

"The reason I am here is because of the training and mentorship from NPower."
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