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Forging Financial Stability through Tech

Sendy M.

Infrastructure Senior Analyst, Citi

Before coming to NPower, Sendy, a full-time mother of three and ten-year U.S. Marine Corps veteran, had been unemployed for over a year. Previously, Sendy worked as a scheduler for Peripheral Vascular Associates as an active Army Reservist. After being honorably discharged, she and her family moved from San Antonio to Dallas and she enrolled in college to pursue a degree in Information Systems.

Upon discovering NPower, Sendy enrolled in Tech Fundamentals alongside her college studies. Sendy graduated from Tech Fundamentals and to further advance her skills and marketability for a higher paying quality job, immediately applied and was accepted into NPower’s advanced Coding program. After successfully completing the course, Sendy secured full-time employment with Citi as an Infrastructure Senior Analyst earning a 260% salary increase from her previous salary.

Sendy is the embodiment of resilience, fortitude and commitment, just a few of the outstanding qualities our veterans bring to the program. While pursuing her career path in tech, she was able to secure the financial future of her family.


"Following my military separation, I began pursuing a degree in Information Systems in addition to adding NPower's courses to my success. I am so glad I joined the Coding class to enhance my technical skills."
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