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A Young Mother Finds Her Escape Through Tech

Yahaira Moore

Associate Managing Consultant, WWT (World Wide Technology)

“NPower saved my life in many ways….and also helped me land an internship and build relationships that changed my life.”

As a young mother having to flee to a domestic violence shelter days after giving birth, Yahaira found herself making the difficult decision to pause pursuing a college degree. Searching for a way to provide for herself and her newborn son, she discovered NPower through a community resource center. The course of her life changed forever. Through support from NPower coupled with her grit, determination, and perseverance, Yahaira has now launched a career in tech, advanced in her career, continues to give back to her community in various ways, and most importantly is building a bright and exciting future not only for herself but also for her son.

Listen to her share her story.

“NPower saved my life in many ways."
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