Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

NPower offers FREE advanced part-time training programs to NPower alumni who want to take their career to the cloud.

NPower’s part-time training program is designed to move alumni beyond basic tech support knowledge to learn the fundamentals of cloud architecture and includes:

  • 12-week, virtual training, designed for working tech professionals
  • 14 hours weekly online lectures & labs
  • 3x weekly online instruction
  • Bi-weekly professional mentoring
  • Opportunity to earn industry-recognized, in-demand certifications: AWS Cloud Practitioner and AWS Solutions Architect – Associate
  • Opportunity for promotion or merit salary increase

This program is available to all NPower alumni residing in any of the NPower locations served (NY, NJ, CA, MI, MO, TX, MD). 

The curriculum for this program includes a NetAcad learning module courtesy of the Cisco Networking Academy.

Student Eligibility

  • NPower graduates, in good standing, over 21 years of age
  • 2+ years professional tech experience or strong knowledge of networking
  • CompTIA A+ certification preferred *not required

Powered by Accenture, AWS & Heckscher Foundation.

For more information about the program contact: