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Partner to Build Diverse Tech Talent

NPower’s in-class IT training program prepares young adults from underserved communities to launch tech careers. Our program includes professional mentoring, career development and the opportunity to obtain in-demand certifications. 

After 16 weeks of intensive hands-on technical and soft-skills training, our students are placed on 7-week (minimum) sponsored* internships with top corporations and nonprofits to exercise their skills in the workforce.

*A financial commitment includes intern’s stipend, administrative fees and program cost covering technical and professional training, transportation vouchers and other support services.
Option to extend or direct hire upon completion.

  • Provide desktop support for PC and Mac users

  • Implement BYOD into work environment

  • Work with ticketing systems

  • Install, configure and administer wireless and virtual networks

  • Maintain equipment inventory, and OEM licensing

  • Install workstations, upgrade software, monitor performance and conduct virus scans

  • Ensure internal/external security compliance and regulatory requirements are met

  • Administer routers and switches

  • Manage VLANs

  • Support service management processes

Nationwide, nearly 450 NPower interns have been hired by their internship host company.

How it Works

We recommend starting this process at least 2 months prior to position start date

Determine technology internship position, dedicated supervisor, and detailed job description. 

NPower will pre-screen applicants and provide resumes for the top candidates based on your skills needs and job description.

You select and interview candidates in accordance with your organization’s hiring policies and procedures.

Successful candidates are chosen and you have taken a step to diversify your team.

Our Top Internship Partners

NPower’s valuable, diverse tech talent pipeline can support companies in filling their open tech roles.

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