National Advisory Council

Members of the National Advisory Council volunteer to provide advice and support for innovative ways to future-proof our programs around the country.

Luke Chilone


Balaji Ganapathy
Global Head, Corporate Social Responsibility


Anne Gilroy
Senior Vice President


Steve Mase
Director Global Quality Assurance Operations


Racheal Ankrah-Fosu
Former VP, Strategy & Business Development
Michael Barsella
Senior Account Executive
David Boyle
Einat Burshtine
Head of Data, Reporting & Analytics for Infrastructure
Nic Caputo
Global Account Manager
Joe Carlin
Director of Technology Service Delivery
Guy Fruda
Managing Director East Region, Information Technology Services
Amy Gnagy
Managing Director
Sajawal Haider
Chief Information Security Officer
Peter Hancock
Senior Vice President, Client Solutions
Jason Hess
Vice President, Global Technology
Daniel Johnson
Senior Vice President, Chief Technology Officer & Head of Innovation
Jeffrey M. Kaufman
Managing Director
John O'Brien
Senior Director, Security Presales
Kim Shostak
Global Account Manager

Regional Advisory Board

New Jersey
Jacquie Cleary


Ambrose Nardulli
Managing Director
Vivian Brady-Phillips
Interim Executive Director
Master Gunnery Sergeant John Escalante
NYC/NJ Representative
Nicole Flowers
Senior Manager, Cloud Infrastructure
Tara Fosbre
Second Vice President of Technology
Avneet Thapar Hall
Global Threat Analysis Lead, VP
Chris Murphy
Director of Platform Services
Joshua Richards
Director, Identity and Access Management
John Sasso
Associate Director, Service Delivery Lead, Technology Experience Support
Akhilesh Tiwari
Vice President, Global Head, Enterprise Application Services
Brian Quinn
Director, U.S. Public Policy
Yvena Atkins
Strategy Manager
Matt Holton
Senior Vice President, Operations & Technology, NAM
Matt Horner
SVP, Global Enterprise Sales
Jon Joplin
Vice President of Technology
Gerry Lewis
President and CEO
Justin McFarland
Executive Vice President - Information Technology
Brian Mize
Department Manager, Global Cyber Security Information Security Office
Valerie Patton
SVP, Inclusion and Talent Attraction, ED, St. Louis Business Diversity Initiative
Scott Richert
Michael Rupinski
Gary Smith
Director, Architecture & Engineering, KTech
Reggie Swanigan
Nicole Tate
Area Vice President, Global Client Enablement
Reedy Wade
Vice President, Academy Engagement & Impact
Scott Wilton
RVP, Enterprise Data & Analytics & Corp. Systems
Tresia Eaves
SVP, Program Management

Advisory Board Chair

Barbie Barta
Doug Barnes
Vice President of Operations
Jacqueline Bragg
Information Security Analyst

NPower Alumni Representative

Llewellyn Derry
Board Vice Chair
Melissa Duron
Data Quality Analyst at Citi

NPower Alumni Representative

Robert Elliot
Senior Client Director
Terry Jenkins
IT Business Unit Sr Analyst

NPower Alumni Representative

Christopher Karp
Director of Customer Service
Michael Lawson
Sr Manager - Boeing Global Engagement
Ernest Lefner
Sr Manager - FSO Digital Advisory
Bobbie Long
SVP Digital Automation & Infrastructure
Daniel Maslowski
Global Head, Digital Automation & Infrastructure
Curt McLaughlin
Region Manager
Kris Norris
Director of Strategic Partnership
Angela Nuno
Application Support Analyst

NPower Alumni Representative

Raymond Pitts
Senior Vice President - Data Center Migration Portfolio Manager
John Rose
Storage Analyst
Diane Schwarz
Chief Information Officer

National Board of Directors Member

Adrian Silva
Senior Managing Director of Workforce Development and Apprenticeships
Chris Young
U.S. Global Fi Strategic Resourcing Lead
Natasha Murphy
Director of Health Policy
Frank Baitman
Global Head of Compliance & Strategy for Digital Platforms


Sandra A. Bempong
Grants Officer Community Health & Social Impact
Gerald Charles
VP, Head of Product, Omni Customer Servicing
Michael Robert DiBlasio
Technical Manager, Product Engineering
Candace Givens
Vice President of Program Management
Gayle Guilford
(Retired) Chief Information Security Officer
Scott Harris
Jesse Hillman
Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Blair Johnson
Natasha Murphy
Director of Health Policy
Bruce Williams
Stephen Franchetti
Gwatoh Kroma
Human Resource Business Partner
Alicia Johnson
Principal, Technology Transformation
Troy Johnson
Managing Director, Western Regional Technology
Sean Miner
Head of User Experience (Global)
Thao Nguyen
Senior Vice President & Group Manager
Malcolm Palmore
Chief Security Officer
Ashley Sequeira
Senior Technical Trainer - SecOps
Kris Stradelman
Jim Wong
Chairman of the Board
Karl Bell
Managing Director
Lisa Cawley
Managing Director
Adonis Cruz
Corporate Operations Engineer
Angela Dean
SVP, Client Executive
Warren Flood
Community Engagement Manager
Chanel Hampton
Chief Executive Officer
Anita Klopfenstein
Chief Information Officer
Spencer Lucker
Industry Engagement Manager (IT sector), Workforce Development Group
Kendra Mitchell
Chief of Staff
Marlo Rencher, PhD
Director, Technology-Based Programs
Vanita Sanders
Director, Director of Education and Community Initiatives
David Turner
Chief Executive Officer
Angela Thompkins
VP, Diversity & Inclusion
Linda Schlesinger Wagner
Chief Executive Officer
Bryan Waldron
Property Consultant
Tabice Ward
Chief Information Security Officer
Markeith Weldon
Chief Executive Officer
Marlin Williams
Chief Diversity Inclusion Officer

Advancing Tech Careers Collaborative Steering Committee

ATCC Steering Committee members provide advice and support the upskilling of NPower graduates in advanced technology fields including cybersecurity and cloud computing.

John R. Miller
Managing Director, Global Head of Cybersecurity

Committee Chair

Devon Bryan
Managing Director, CISO
Mignona Coté
Executive Security Advisory, CISO, CTO
Sajawal Haider
Peter Hancock
SVP, Client Solutions
Jason Hess
Executive Director, Global Technology
Daniel Johnson
SVP, CTO and Head of Innovation
Stephen Murphy
Senior Managing Director
Jeremiah Sahlberg
Managing Director, Third Party Risk
Vladimir Sukonnik
Director, Engineering Executive, Technology Infrastructure Services