Our Locations


The San Francisco Bay Area is the global epicenter of high technology and innovation. This environment positions the area’s underemployed veterans, veteran spouses, and over *11,000 unemployed young adults at the ready to upskill for lucrative digital careers and to diversify the tech talent pipeline.


The focus of NPower Canada is to reduce poverty in the country by addressing youth unemployment and launching underserved young adults into meaningful and sustainable digital careers.


Baltimore is ranked among the top 20 cities for tech growth and as the leading city for women in tech, according to SmartAsset’s 2020 Best Cities for Women in Tech report. The city and its surrounding counties are home to over 36,000 youth aged 16-24 who are neither in school nor employed. Additionally, with Baltimore’s veteran population standing at 28,000, as reported by the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs in their 2020 Maryland Veteran Population Map


Detroit currently has the second-largest concentration of engineering talent in the U.S.—second to Silicon Valley. According to the CompTIA State of the Tech Workforce 2023 report, Detroit has over 114,000* tech job openings, a key indicator of the demand for tech talent. This results in a growing need for tech workers, especially junior, entry-level talent.


The St. Louis metropolitan area has a booming tech scene with an estimated 44,000 tech occupation openings. The region is also home to over *36,000 young adults from under-resourced communities who have the interest, potential, and capacity to work in a tech job and be the next generation of technologists.

New Jersey

In a 2019 Bloomberg report, New Jersey ranked as the 9th most innovative state in the country for its density of STEM research and development. The state also has a higher-than-average unemployment rate for older veterans and underserved youth between 16 and 24.

New York

The tech sector in New York’s tech is the third largest in the country. Today, there are roughly 118,000 out-of-work and out-of-school young adults ages 18–24 in the city’s five boroughs, according to a Community Service Society 2019 report.

North Carolina

The Raleigh and Research Triangle area has emerged as a thriving tech hub and a contender in attracting tech talent. With a pressing need for a diverse pool of skilled professionals, local businesses seek strategic partnerships to efficiently recruit and develop a pipeline of talent, reducing search time and costs associated with filling roles in the workforce.


Dayton, Ohio, has emerged as a vibrant tech city and an exciting destination for tech talent. Local businesses seek strategic partnerships to efficiently recruit and establish a pipeline of talent, minimizing search time and costs associated with filling vacancies in the workforce.


According to CompTIA’s year-in-review report, Texas added more tech workers in 2022 than any other state in the US. In addition, the VA Claims Insider ranks Texas as the #1 state overall for veteran benefits. However, there are approximately half a million young adults from under-resourced communities in the region with interest and potential to break into the tech field.