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Reported by Lifewire News, this article focuses on  children in the US face big disparities in access to technology education. And how NPower assigns a...
Virtual classes, Citi CEO, special announcements and events.
New Jersey
NJ Spotlight New features NPower’s virtual class and current student, Diane. Before COVID, dozens of students were in classes. Now they’re all virtual.
Expanding Citi Foundation’s partnership with NPower, including an additional $4 million investment, to help advance the careers of young Black and Latinx women in the...
NPower is proud to announce that Roland Selby, Jr. will serve as the new Vice President of Strategic Partnerships for NPower.
In 2017, NPower partnered with Accenture and Amazon Web Services to launch a cutting-edge Cloud Computing program. Now 3 years in, the opportunities are endless.
Coffee With: NPower Maryland

CBS-13 Baltimore interviews Executive Director of NPower Maryland, Kendra Parlock about the virtual classes starting September 8th.