Accelerating More Women of Color in Tech

Women of Color in Tech Day 2023 is on March 29.

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Celebrate this day of advocacy and awareness-raising to elevate Women of Color in Tech and support them in pursuing and sustaining careers in tech.

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Black and Latinx women make up only 5% of U.S. tech jobs.

The tech workforce is predominantly male and white.

Diversifying tech is a human rights issue and a business imperative.

This is a national consortium of women and allies that advocate for strategies that invest in and inspire the advancement of young women of color in tech careers—with particular focus on women from underrepresented communities and non-traditional pathways. The coalition is comprised of business leaders, corporations, nonprofits, and community organizations, who will address the glaring inequities of women of color in tech.

Focused on Outcomes

Our goal is to increase the number of women of color pipelined into the tech industry in three ways:


attracting and inspiring young women of color, from non-traditional backgrounds, to explore tech careers and


increasing the number of companies and individuals that hire and retain women of color, specifically from under-resourced communities.


achieve pay equity for women of color in tech by addressing women’s lack of visibility in and access to tech sector employment.

About the Command Shift Coalition

We want to ensure that women of color are not left behind as companies begin to rebound from the recession and recruit for tech talent. The Command Shift steering committee is providing direction and support for strategies that will advance young women of color as they pursue tech careers. about the coalition and for more information about joining the Steering Committee.

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Steering the Movement

Hear from our coalition leadership.

“Here at Amazon Web Services, we believe that in order to innovate for a global market, we must foster a culture of inclusion and build a dynamic workforce that reflects the broad diversity of our communities and customers around the world. Our support of Command Shift underscores our deep commitment to increasing access and opportunity for underrepresented groups across the technology sector.”
LaDavia Drane, Esq.
Director and Head of Global Inclusion, Diversity & Equity
Amazon Web Services
“Citi and the Citi Foundation have a long-standing commitment to the idea that all people, no matter their background or zip code, should have equal access to jobs and the economic opportunity and security that comes with them. With Command Shift, the Citi Foundation’s goal is to elevate more young women of color with the skills and confidence they need to not only enter tech careers but to thrive and grow as leaders.”
Timicka Anderson
Managing Director
Citi Commercial Banking
Ann Marr
“WWT is committed to building, retaining, and growing individuals capable of leading in the future, with a keen focus on providing opportunity and access to those from under-represented communities. The Command Shift initiative is one important way we do just that. We are so excited to be a part of this initiative to accelerate the growth of women of color in technology.”
Ann Marr
Executive Vice President, Global Human Resources
World Wide Technology
Janice Patel
Executive Director, Human Resources
Comcast NBCUniversal
Lisa Asari
“At Amazon Web Services, we obsess over our customers and relentlessly pursue new ways to better serve builders across the globe. In order to innovate on behalf of our customers, we must foster an inclusive culture that reflects the diversity of the communities we serve. When we see and share success stories of women of color, it paves the way forward and underscores the importance of uplifting those stories. Our involvement with Command Shift highlights the commitment to increasing opportunity and access for underrepresented communities in technology, in particular women of color.”
Lisa Asari
Senior Product Manager, Global Education to Workforce Solutions Lead
Amazon Web Services
“As a leading provider of technology, communications, and data and analytics solutions, Broadridge recognizes that investing in diverse talent provides opportunities and clears the path for the next generation of leaders. Increasing and advancing young women of color in technology careers will breed innovation, promote digital inclusion and close the gender gap in a field where women have been consistently underrepresented. I firmly believe that enabling diversity in tech requires leadership commitment and strategic focus, which is why I am proud to be a part of NPower’s Command Shift coalition."
Judy Winter-Giella
Head of Global Talent
"At Accenture, our purpose is to deliver on the promise of technology and human ingenuity; we know that accelerating a culture of equality for all is a multiplier of innovation and growth. We have our own bold goals of achieving a gender-balanced workforce by 2025 and filling 20% of our entry-level roles from our apprenticeship program, and we fully support the Command Shift coalition’s efforts to increase the number of women of color in technology careers."
Coriel Taylor
Managing Director
Sonali Niswander
Senior Vice President, Global Technology
MetLife, Inc.

The tech sector is booming, yet women of color, who account for 20% of the US population, account for only 5% of the tech workforce.

Download the latest research from Emsi Burning Glass and Command Shift on how to close the gender and race gap in tech.

Sparked by 40 by 22

An initiative developed by NPower and in partnership with the Citi Foundation to help young women of color access the skills needed to launch careers in the tech industry.

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Non-traditional refers to women who took a non-linear path to a tech career; those who have yet to complete their college degree, or earned a bachelor’s degree in a field not related to tech.

Thank you for expressing interest in Command Shift and being inspired to take action. Please complete the information below and someone from our Coalition team will reach out with next steps.

  • Please specify the area of interest.