During this year’s giving season, our team at Command Shift would like to express our gratitude to the many people who are committed to advancing our mission– the brave young women of color who are doing the hard work to transform their lives by stepping into tech jobs; our Steering Committee members guiding us into another successful year and the future beyond, as well as our corporate and nonprofit partners, who are tirelessly and passionately committed to advancing and accelerating our work.

June: Milestones and Moments

“I am standing on the shoulders of my own role models, generations of Americans who never had anything close to this kind of opportunity but who got up every day and went to work believing in the promise of America, showing others through their determination and, yes, their perseverance that good things can be done in this great country.” — The Honorable Ketanji Brown Jackson 

A Special Anniversary Issue: Celebrating Gratitude

On the wall in my house is a large sign that says “Gratitude.” It’s a reminder to me each day to be grateful for the many blessings in my life. This theme couldn’t be more relevant as I reflect on the past year and Command’s Shift’s incredible growth and myriad achievements.