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The following is an HR practice of Comcast Cable’s Technology, Product & Xperience (TPX) Team

When it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion, Comcast NBCUniversal is intentional about using data to inform its approach, guide its focus, and maintain accountability.

Comcast is using a thoughtful and systematic strategy to improve representation of underrepresented groups at all levels of its workforce. First, Comcast considers a broad range of qualification by focusing on experience and skills as well as talent coming out of bootcamps and with non-degree certifications. The Company hires a greater number of entry-level positions than senior positions and provides programs and initiatives to help grow skills and develop career advancement pathways. These approaches mean that a position at Comcast is accessible to a wider range of candidates.

Next, the company sets aspirational representation goals among its candidate pool. Comcast uses data on the race, ethnicity, and gender makeup of qualified candidates in tech occupations within the Comcast footprint to identify opportunities to hire candidates who best reflect the communities we serve. Where such opportunities exist, the Company prioritizes the recruitment process, casting a wide net to ensure the applicant pool for each role aligns with all available talent. Comcast then continues to monitor the composition of the candidate pool as it progresses through the talent acquisition pipeline: from application, to resume screen, to interviews, on through to an offer.

Comcast uses this data to also identify “leading indicators” that point to where specifically in the talent acquisition pipeline candidates from underrepresented groups fall out. For example, when the diversity of the candidate pool drops between stages in the talent acquisition pipeline, that is an indication that the resulting group of hires may be less diverse than the initial pool of applicants. When the Company finds a leading indicator, they review that stage of the pipeline for any structural barriers or other factors that could be causing diverse candidates to fall out at disproportionately higher rates. Comcast then makes changes to hiring processes or takes other steps to address the root causes.

Guided by data, Comcast understands the importance of recruiting candidates based on skills and experience. Through the use of leading indicators, Comcast is able to determine new ways of attracting, hiring and retaining employees from underrepresented groups. Together this process helps to drive progress and create a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

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