Community Helpdesk

Do you have trouble with your computer?

Need help accessing programs online? Want free tech professional help but don’t know where to turn? NPower Community Helpdesk is here for you.

The NPower Community Helpdesk provides free tech support to those in the greater Baltimore area. Our tech professionals are here to help you navigate your most challenging computer and tech issues.

For more information call us at:


Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday | 10AM to 6PM EST

We can help you with:

Software Support

Email, Google, Microsoft Office, etc.

  • Document support: editing and formatting, converting file types (images, PDFs, etc.) 
  • Video conferencing support (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.)
  • Education software support (Google Classroom, Quia, Jasperactive, etc.)
  • Customized excel templates for personal/home budgets finance
  • Memorial services (obituary, digital photo album, etc.)

Mobile Phone Support

  • Phone troubleshooting
  • Adding email accounts
  • Backing up contacts
  • Installing/uninstalling apps

Computer Support

Mac, PC, Chromebook

  • Online scam support
  • Install/uninstall programs
  • Virus scanning and removal
  • Improve performance speed

Home Internet Support

  • Securing router and connection
  • Troubleshooting network access issues
  • Connecting computers, tv’s, tablets, streaming devices

Hardware Support

  • Printer setup and troubleshooting
  • Portable drive formatting and encryption
  • Monitor setup