Spring 2023

Tech Fundamentals


Graduation Celebration

Congratulations Class of Spring 2023!

We are so proud of the trainees who have successfully completed our Tech Fundamentals program. Congratulations to the NPower Houston, Texas Spring 2023 Class of Tech Professionals and Change-makers!

Commencement Speaker

Dr. Paula Pineda

A mission-minded, innovative, and strategic leader, Dr. Pineda is committed to extending economic opportunity to empower under-resourced communities and address inequality.

As a scholar of ethnic identity, ethnic conflict, and decentralization institutions, Dr. Pineda draws on her research background and interests to design programming and policy that addresses structural inequalities. An excellent communicator, Dr. Pineda has presented on identity, ethnicity, institutional design, and inclusive policy design across the US, UN-partnered initiatives, and abroad at the Hague, Iraq, Ecuador, and Turkey.

Alumni Speaker

Jermain Collins

U.S. Air Force – 5 ½ Years

Student Speaker

Giovanni Aceves

Advanced Training Program
Spring 2023

Check Out Our Graduation Book

Check Out Our Graduation Book

Graduation Highlights