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Activating the Equation for Equality: Broadridge, A true champion of NPower’s Command Shift movement enabling better financial lives.

Broadridge is a global Fintech leader providing critical infrastructure that powers investing, corporate governance, and communications to enable better financial lives. As a global leader, Broadridge is “Ready for Next” with an approach to talent, culture, and the marketplace, with a focus on innovation. Broadridge understands there is a direct connection between employee engagement, client satisfaction and the creation of shareholder value—a concept known as the Service-Profit Chain. In “doing well by doing good” Broadridge is committed to supporting their associates, clients, investors, and partners like NPower, to benefit communities and create the best long-term outcomes for all. Broadridge believes that for their company culture to succeed, they must implement strategies, policies, and practices that increase the inclusion and belonging of associates across level, department, tenure, social identity, and background. These practices include DEI-focused learning and development, DEI champion and advocate development, and associate engagement. In the marketplace, Broadridge designs strategies, processes, and systems to leverage their commercial ecosystem to advocate for DEI with clients, suppliers, advisors, investors, and surrounding communities. 

As a true advocate for NPower and the Command Shift Coalition, which aims to increase the number of women of color pipelined into the tech industry, Broadridge has invested in empowering military veterans and young adults from underserved communities with the skills and access they need to break into the digital labor market. In keeping with their corporate purpose – to strengthen and enable better financial lives and futures – their work with NPower has resulted in successful careers in technology, transformed lives, and systemic change in the most vulnerable communities where we live and work.

Broadridge has also been a true leader within the Command Shift Coalition, where their Vice President of Global Talent, Judy Winter-Giella, serves as a Steering Committee Member.

“As a leading provider of technology, communications, and data and analytics solutions, Broadridge recognizes that investing in underrepresented talent provides opportunities and clears the path for the next generation of leaders,” said Winter-Giella. “Increasing and advancing young women of color in technology careers will help drive innovation, promote digital inclusion and close the gender gap in a field where women have been consistently underrepresented. I firmly believe that enabling diversity in tech requires leadership commitment and strategic focus, which is why I am proud to be a part of NPower’s Command Shift coalition.”

We are fortunate to have members like Judy and partners like Broadridge to uplift this movement, champion women of color, and push us toward achieving our goal of pipelining more women of color into tech careers. We know that support from committed partners and advocates will activate new champions ready for a seismic shift that will create a more inclusive and diverse tech workforce.