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Beyond Cybersecurity Awareness: Solution-Driven Impact with KPMG

With over 600,000 cybersecurity job vacancies in the U.S., the state of the cybersecurity workforce continues to be an issue of national concern with concentrated efforts, focus, and much dialogue. Through our Advanced Training Cybersecurity Program, NPower is well-positioned to be part of the solution, with over 600 cybersecurity professionals ready to take on the challenges and demands of the industry. 

Our partnership with KPMG U.S. enables us to increase the representation of underrepresented populations within cybersecurity through tech training and job placement while filling the ever-growing cyber talent gap. Since 2015, KPMG has partnered to place several Cybersecurity graduates, including Kenneth Zhen, who joined KPMG as an intern in January 2023 and quickly transitioned to a full-time role as a Security Architecture Associate by March.

Kenneth Zhen, an alumnus of NPower, is forging his own path and making his mark in cyber. After being recommended for an internship with KPMG, Kenneth was overjoyed when he received the news a week after interviewing that he had been selected as an intern. From the support of his KPMG team in various ways, coupled with the skills and knowledge he gained with NPower, Kenneth shined in his internship. Within three months, he transitioned to his current role as a Security Architecture Associate. 

“NPower equipped me with essential technical skills and knowledge that are directly applicable to my job, propelling my career at KPMG and making the transition into my internship and current position smoother. The opportunity to connect with professionals and peers in the industry has been invaluable for building a strong professional network. Their support has been the cornerstone of my success in landing and excelling in this role.”

From mentoring and hiring our students to generously supporting our work, KPMG is helping to advance our mission of creating pathways to economic prosperity through digital careers while addressing the cybersecurity workforce shortage crisis.