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Where Recruiting Intersects with Social Good and Philanthropy

Insights from the From Day One Brooklyn Conference | June 19th 2019 

NPower CEO, Bertina Ceccarelli moderated a thoughtful conversation on the intersection of business needs, social good, and philanthropy. College campuses aren’t the only place to look for your future work force, as Fortune 500 companies are discovering. Four industry action leaders shared their unique insights on how to take novel approaches to recruit, retain and grow diverse talent.

Racheal Ankrah-Fosu, VP, Strategy & Business Development, Broadridge
Gail Fierstein, Global Head of People, CaaStle
Tia Hodges, VP, Program Officer, Citi Foundation
Bertina Ceccarelli, CEO, NPower


“We often recruit for diversity and manage for assimilation.”

Bertina recommended a terrific article from Stanford Social Innovation Review by Nicole Anand where she warns of “checkbox diversity” initiatives. 


“Making strategic investments in NPower and similar organizations is imperative and central to the work of our Pathways to Progress mission.”

Tia recommended a recent McKinsey report on the future of women at work and noted that “tech is definitely an industry where women of color can thrive.”


“See how company culture meets local and community culture through partnerships.”

“Allow innovative ideas to come from the bottom of the organization.”


“Small, start-up, and mid-sized companies can leap frog over the large-scale diversity and inclusion initiatives of the companies because they are forced to innovate.”

“First step: align company goals and articulate core values
Second step: listen to your employees.”