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The Missing Link to your Balanced Tech Team: Reskilling and Hiring Military Veterans

The Missing Link to your Balanced Tech Team: Reskilling and Hiring Military Veterans

Insights from the From Day One Dallas Conference | November 6th 2019 

The U.S. is facing a huge workforce shortage as technology disrupts the job market. The veteran community is one place we must look for upskilling opportunities to meet the job needs and also to build diverse teams. The NPower-led panel featured unique insights from industry leaders, military veterans and the nonprofit sector on how they partner to reskill and hire veterans into tech careers.

Dan Maslowski (U.S. Army), Managing Director, Global Head of Digital Automation and Infrastructure, Citi
Tresia Eaves (U.S. Air Force), Senior Manager, Protiviti
Johanna Martinez (Marine Corps), Talent Attraction Manager, AT&T
Crystal Janes (U.S. Navy), VP CTI App Hosting Product Management, Citi

Bertina Ceccarelli, CEO, NPower



“I put myself in a box. And when I went through the NPower program, I realized I didn’t have to be in the box I had put myself in.”


“There are all kinds of aspects and behavioral changes veterans experience when transitioning to civilian work culture.”


“It’s not that we want to change people, but we are trying to honor your accomplishments and help blend in your new skillsets to ensure you feel included.”


“Hiring managers need to understand is that veterans has at some point it heir life served something bigger than themselves. So their core is about service. And giving them a job is giving them a mission—a purpose.”

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