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I just needed guidance and fundamental knowledge of the field

Isabella Gravina

Infrastructure Operations Specialist- T.Rowe Price

Prior to being at NPower she was working as a receptionist at a surgery center. Isabella was stuck and had no idea what she wanted to do in the long run career wise. As she was doing some reflection, she realized that she was extremely passionate and interested in technology. Initially Isabella did not consider a career in IT because she thought that it was limited to software development. After researching, she realized that she could find her niche in tech.

“I just needed guidance and fundamental knowledge of the field. I found NPower after a close friend of mine recommending it to me. He spoke greatly about his experience, and I knew I wanted to get involved in it too.

The biggest challenge that she had while in the program was managing her time effectively. While going through NPower she was working full time. Dedicating time to NPower, studying for certifications and working forty hours a week was very difficult. She had to make NPower a priority, and even when she wanted to quit because she was exhausted, she kept going. She knew that completing the program could set her up for a very prosperous future.

“Nothing worth working for would come easy, so if I really wanted to start my career, I would work hard and make the most out of NPower while I was enrolled.

A short time later, she was talking to a friend who recently landed a role in the tech industry.  She told him she was interested in the same career field and wanted to know how he did it.  He told her about NPower and she was so excited, she signed up for the tech fundamentals program right away.  She was able to acquire all the necessary tech skills, along with the professional development needed to break into the tech industry. Isabella graduated from the program and quickly landed a position at investment management company, T. Rowe Price.  When she told her parents, it was a full-circle moment and one she will never forget. 

Her advice to future trainees would be to make sure you make the most out of your NPower experience and remember why you started in the first place.

“I have had incredible opportunities for networking and job searching, not to mention – certifications for FREE and guidance from the incredible teaching, professional development, and social support staff. Focusing on why you applied to the program will definitely help you get through those really tough days where you really don’t feel like attending class or dressing up for professional development, etc. Keep your eyes on the prize and NPower can be a really fruitful experience for you like it was for me!

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