Regional Roundups – April 2024

It has been a busy season at NPower, view all the exciting engagements and activity happening across the country.

NPower New York

LinkedIn Site Visit

Broadridge Site Visit

BNY Mellon Site Visit

The NPower New York Metro Area students are fortunate to have many wonderful volunteers and supporters in their corner.  Recently, the Spring 2024 class had three incredible visits at our amazing partner organizations – LinkedIn, Broadridge and BNY Mellon. Close to 70 volunteers from three organizations took their time to share their career path and the honest insights on how to navigate the career journey with the trainees.  The conversations were around the fundamental topics of professional development that we cover in our classroom – LinkedIn profiles, resumes reviews, interviewing skills, and elevator pitch practice.

These events are an incredible opportunity for our rising IT talent to start building their professional network and to find passionate and caring mentors for themselves.  Both students and staff alike are still fired up from watching the ‘breaking out of shells’ happening in real time during the various activities throughout all three events. We are most grateful to our partners for hosting our class and bringing a wealth of knowledge, expertise and, most importantly, passion to these events.

NPower Maryland

During the HMG C-Level Technology Leadership Summit in Washington, DC, Demetrius Goodwin, Executive Director of NPower Maryland, had the privilege of conducting a fireside chat with Lynden Armstrong, Deputy Sergeant at Arms and CIO of the US Senate. Their conversation delved into a range of topics related to technology and leadership, offering valuable insights for all attendees.

NPower Michigan

NPower Michigan has had a busy month with various community engagements, events, and key moments.
Recently, the Michigan team hosted a wellness event with Detroit Meditation Yoga founder, Erin Ellison centered around yoga and mindfulness exercises including breathing techniques to cope with stress and the Goodwill of Greater Detroit : Flipt The Script program, one of the country’s leading alternative -sentencing and reentry programs demonstrating consistent success in diverting people from a life in Michigan’s correction system. Through their work, they serve young adults to provide a path to building productive meaningful lives. The NPower Michigan team had an opportunity to show individuals who were either directly or indirectly impacted by the justice system how accessible tech can be as a life-altering career choice.

The recent Celebration of Women in Tech event hosted by Wayne County Community College District brought together a powerhouse panel, moderated by Christine Burkette, featuring panelists in leading industries representing key organizations and companies in Detroit.

  • AI: Hope Bradford (Kelly Services)
  • EV: Deana Neely (Detroit Voltage)
  • Cybersecurity: Jeree Spicer (Ally)
  • Mobility: Jeannine Gant (Global Epicenter of Mobility – GEM)
  • Dean of IT at Wayne County Community College: Dr. Wanda Hudson

The panelists lent their voices to encourage the next generation of tech leaders focusing on how to enter, persist, and thrive in tech – as a woman.

NPower Michigan students are powering through the Spring 2024 Tech Fundamentals program but took a moment to pose for headshots to utilize as they start their tech career journeys.

NPower Ohio

Congratulations to the remarkable graduates of NPower Ohio’s first graduating class!
This month marked a truly unforgettable milestone as we celebrated the accomplishments of our graduates. Their journey through the program exemplifies unwavering determination, showcasing their exceptional talent and drive. The commencement address delivered by Darius Beckham, along with the inspiring words from Jonathan Rike, deeply resonated with all attendees, offering invaluable insights on perseverance and community engagement. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Demarus Crawford-White and the entire NPower Ohio team for their outstanding dedication and commitment to shaping a brighter future for all.

NPower Texas

NPower Texas partnered with local banks to provide financial literacy seminars to our cohorts, with Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase delivering enlightening sessions on Better Money Habits to our students.

These sessions were crucial for preparing cohorts for success in the digital economy, providing practical knowledge on financial management and responsible banking practices.

Our commitment to providing comprehensive support remained unwavering, ensuring cohorts were equipped to thrive personally and professionally

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