Regional Roundups – May 2024

It has been a busy season at NPower, view all the exciting engagements and activity happening across the country.

NPower Missouri

As Executive Director of NPower Missouri, Ben Kesler is on a mission to provide free IT training to underrepresented groups, empowering them to seize opportunities in the ever-evolving tech industry.

But what makes Ben’s journey truly remarkable? It’s his unconventional path from the music scene to the tech sphere! With a background as a music teacher, audio engineer, and producer, Ben brings a unique perspective to the table, blending his love for music with his commitment to workforce development.

From crafting melodies to creating opportunities, Ben’s diverse career showcases the power of following your passions and embracing new challenges.Join us in celebrating Ben Kesler’s journey as he continues to drive positive change and inspire others to pursue their dreams!

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Kansas City is launching a Summer Program!

NPower Michigan

The Detroit Public Schools Foundation invests in Detroit’s students, families, and educators through providing resources, scholarships, and programs to prepare students for college, career, and success in life.
The NPower Michigan team was in full force attending their recent annual gala to uplift partnerships that advance young adult Detroiters emphasizing NPower’s work as rooted in community!

NPower Maryland

NPower Maryland struck a chord of success with a highly productive Mock Interview session hosted at the CareFirst building through the generosity of Regional Advisory Board  Member, Sandra Bempong. CareFirst employees generously volunteered as interviewers, adding valuable insights to the experience. Despite the Spring 2024 class being on the fast track to graduation, they’re not merely gliding through. Instead, they’re diligently refining their interview skills and preparing for their imminent tech career launch by capturing professional headshots. With a focus on finishing strong, they’re making meticulous final preparations for the exciting journey ahead.

NPower New York

The ladies of the New York Tech Fundamentals program were invited to Bank of America for a special mentoring event powered by Women in Technology chapter of Bank of America. This site visit was most memorable. One of the students shared that of all the companies she has visited this event had been by far the best visit she has ever had. This is all thanks to the collective efforts of all of the most amazing volunteers that gave their time, talent and passion to support aspiring women in tech, to make a positive impact on our communities, and to demonstrate what a great place the bank is to work at!

Dedicated NPower Partner, Globant recently hosted 35 New York Metro Tech Fundamentals students at their offices. This site visit was the perfect opportunity for students to showcase their professional and networking skills.
The students enjoyed learning about Globant’s impact within the community and in our society. Hearing from various Globant members including the CTO for North America on Globant’s mission and various product offerings was eye-opening for everyone in attendance. The energy was electric with engaging questions being asked.
The students walked away from this experience with new insights into the ever-evolving world of tech and with a book to enhance their knowledge of AI.
We are grateful for our continued partnership with Globant and the lives we can impact together!

NPower Ohio

It was mock interview day at NPower Ohio! This cohort is powering through to finish strong, but there is always room to pause to sharpen interview skills and pose for professional headshots as they get ready to launch their tech careers. 

NPower Texas


NPower Dallas and The Pinnacle Society hosted a remarkable event for our Spring 24 Trainees, showcasing the power of community and collaboration. The day featured compelling LinkedIn presentations, strategic round table discussions, and insights from top recruiters.

We extend heartfelt thanks to The Pinnacle Society, especially James Smith, for their generous support of NPower trainees. It was an honor to partner with them in Dallas, where we engaged with aspiring IT professionals, offering guidance on networking and securing their dream job.

San Antonio

NPower Spring Tech Fundamentals Mock Interview event was a testament to the dedication of our trainees and staff. Special thanks to Jose A. Muñiz, Jr., GCDF, CCSP, for his coordination and leadership, and to our volunteers who served as coaches, demonstrating the community’s investment in our trainees.

We’re grateful to our alumni panel, including John Yanez and David Blum, for paying it forward to the next cohort.