Fall 2020 Graduates

Fall 2020 Virtual Graduation Celebration Program

March 11, 2021


Defined by those at NPower that know them best as possessing an unprecedented sense of optimism and hope for the future, this class was the first group of trainees to start and complete their training in a fully virtual setting, overcoming obstacles including the current pandemic, an economic recession and their own personal challenges.

Welcome and Introduction to NPower CEO 
Chelsea Gioffre, National Engagement Manager, NPower

Class Welcome Remarks
Bertina Ceccarelli, Chief Executive Officer, NPower

Introduction to Graduate Speaker
Wendell Covington, Executive Director, NPower Missouri

Graduate Speaker
Gabrielle McCaleb, NPower Missouri 

Introduction to Graduate Speaker
Brittany Worden, Program Director, NPower Texas

Graduate Speaker
Cecile Cromartie, NPower Texas

Beacon Award Introduction
Aziza Binti, Social Support ManagerNPower Missouri 

Introduction to Keynote Speaker
Chris Starling, Executive Director, NPower California

Keynote Speaker
Sylvie Veilleux, Chief Information Officer, Dropbox

Announcement of Regional Classes and Closing Remarks
Aziza Binti, Social Support Manager, NPower Missouri


Sylvie Veilleux

Chief Information Officer, Dropbox 


Gabrielle McCaleb

NPower Missouri 
Service Center Tech, Mercy


Cecile Cromartie

NPower Texas
Network and Voice Services Intern, Citi

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Tech Fundamentals Fall 2020 Class

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