Spring 2021 Graduates

Spring 2021 Virtual Graduation Celebration Program | July 28, 2021



The Tech Fundamentals Class of Spring 2021 saw a light at the end of a long-winding tunnel. Starting NPower’s program almost one year into a global crisis, they were bolstered by news that the world would soon reopen and that the tech industry was poised for rapid growth.

Met with their own personal challenges brought on by the pandemic, the students tackled rigorous coursework, exams, certifications and professional development activities, all while maintaining hope and optimism. From volunteering for additional assignments, to researching industry trends, to championing each other’s wins, this class embodied ambition. Looking ahead, these bright stars saw an opportunity to turn the obstacles they faced into stepping stones for their next level of greatness.

We celebrate the class that saw a chance to invest in their future, and went for it.

Welcome and Introduction to NPower CEO 
Clifton Bland, Recruiting and Admissions Manager, NPower Texas

Class Welcome Remarks
Bertina Ceccarelli, Chief Executive Officer, NPower

Introduction to Graduate Speaker
Kendra Parlock, Executive Director, NPower Maryland

Graduate Speaker
Joshua Murphy, U.S. Army National Guard, NPower Maryland 

Introduction to Graduate Speaker
Helen Kogan, Executive Director, NPower New York and New Jersey

Graduate Speaker
Teniola Akande, NPower New Jersey 

Go Getter Award Introduction
Clifton Bland, Recruiting and Admissions Manager, NPower Texas

Introduction to Keynote Speaker
Roland Selby, Jr. Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, NPower

Keynote Speaker
Mary McNiff, Chief Compliance Officer, Citigroup

Closing Remarks
Clifton Bland, Recruiting and Admissions Manager, NPower Texas



Chief Compliance Officer, Citigroup



U.S. Army National Guard

NPower Maryland 

Field Service Representative, AeroTek



NPower New Jersey

IT Support Apprentice, Google

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