Breaking Through, Rising Up: Strategies for Propelling Women of Color in Technology

Released June 18, 2020  |  Author Seema Shah, Ph.D.

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The pandemic’s impact will create higher income inequity and significant hardships—especially for women of color, @NPowerOrg’s new research report outlines actionable strategies to advance women of color in tech. Read report here: #40by22 #WOCintech

Now, more than ever, we need to continue advocating for equity and take intentional action for women of color in tech. A new report from @NPowerOrg shares powerful strategies to make it happen. Read more: #40by22 #WOCintech #BreakingTechBarriers

Tech training programs can create life-changing economic opportunities for young women of color while creating a more inclusive technology industry. A recent report from @NPowerOrg outlines the ways program practitioners, employers, and funders can collectively take action. A must read: #40by22

Women of color are often overlooked with a severe lack of representation of Black and Latinx women in the tech field. @NPowerOrg’s recent report provides strategies to help propel more women of color into the tech industry. Read on: #40by22 #WOCintech

Looking to support more young women of color in tech? I just finished this report from @NPowerOrg and the findings are compelling. Read for yourself here: #40by22 #BreakingTechBarriers

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Shah, S. (2020). Breaking Through, Rising Up: Strategies for Propelling Women of Color in Technology. Brooklyn, NY: NPower.

Interested in doing more to propel this movement to address the glaring inequity of the lack of young women of color in tech and evoke widespread change in the tech industry?

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