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Prepping Your Organization for Non-Traditional Tech Talent

Insights from the From Day One January 2021 Conference | January 20th 2021 

NPower friends, champions and partners Nicole Flowers of Accenture and Andrew Parlock of Northrop Grumman shared their advice and experiences working with non-traditional talent with Kim Mitchell, NPower. They defined what non-traditional talent means to them and described how they recruit, retain and cultivate employees from alternative pathways. Hear how Nicole and Andrew collaborate with NPower to “mine” for talent and the successful development strategies they have implemented within their organizations.

Kim Mitchell, Vice President, Program Strategy, NPower
Nicole Flowers, Senior Manager, Cloud Infrastructure, Accenture
Andrew Parlock, Senior Account Manager Space Systems, Northrop Grumman


“From day one, people are our most valuable asset and most competitive advantage. All of us are in pursuit of the best talent that will drive our organizations to success.”


“When I define non-traditional talent, for me and within Accenture, it is looking beyond the regular recruiting channels like four-year colleges, to find underemployed and underrepresented individuals.”

“We need to look beyond our blind spots to find this talent.”


“Aptitude is evenly distributed, but opportunity is not.” 

“At Northrop Grumman, we started a small lab where everyone was handpicked. In that lab, we had one of our NPower interns solve a problem that one of our government customers had been working on for six months.”