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Department of Defense (DoD) SkillBridge Partnership

NPower’s impact will now extend to serve our active-duty military as they prepare for civilian transition through our newest partnership program, SkillBridge. This Department of Defense program allows for active duty service members to participate in training and education programs or apprenticeships during their last 180 days of active duty service.  NPower is one of very few 501(c)3 partnership organizations accredited by the Department of Defense for the SkillBridge program, allowing us to recruit active duty students on installations nationwide as well as those stationed abroad.  
SkillBridge is unique in that it looks to counter the problem of veteran unemployment or underemployment – before it becomes an issue, by training active duty while they are still receiving a paycheck, and before they transition, allowing for seamless integration back into civilian life.  Earlier this year NPower successfully launched our first cohort in cybersecurity at Joint Base Myer–Henderson Hall, in Arlington, Virginia.
The 10-week virtual cohort in cybersecurity is a rigorous curriculum augmented with a specialized professional development to specifically assist with reintegration from military to civilian; while allowing the active duty service member the opportunity to earn industry-recognized credentials in CompTIA Security+ and Linux+ – all without incurring financial debt and saving their GI Bill for future use. This provides an open door to a new career in tech prior to separation from service, easing the transition into civilian tech careers.
NPower’s first cohort graduated 11 students in a ceremony on April 10 at the National Museum of the United States Army at Ft. Belvoir, VA, where NPower’s CEO Bertina Ceccarelli and Board Member RDML Dwight Shepard provided opening remarks.  These new cybersecurity professionals earned coveted apprenticeships with HPE, were hired as data analysts by companies such as Abicus, and Booz Allen Hamilton, with their newly acquired skill sets. Most military members hold security clearances, together with their new cyber credentials, make them powerful additions to the workforce where previously they would not have been considered.  Our second cohort is now underway with 26 students, with one student already hired into the Cyber Unit at Ft. Meade. 

Dango Kumwenda
U.S. Army Veteran 
Strategic Resourcing Consultant – Junior Cyber Engineer, World Wide Technology
NPower | SkillBridge Graduate 

“Going into the SkillBridge program I didn’t know what to expect or how challenging it was going to be, however, the instructors were amazing and made sure no one was left behind”

As we continue to develop partnerships with Base Commanders, Transition Officials, and Education Offices, NPower continues to attract qualified students who seek to transition to a career in cyber. With the expansion to Norfolk in August 2023 and looking towards our west coast stand-up in San Diego in 2024; SkillBridge has recruited nationwide and globally, close to 100 students throughout 2023 and well into 2024.  Future expansion is envisioned close to future military installations with a high volume transitioning personnel and adjacent to developing tech-hubs such as in Seattle, WA and Tampa, FL, with the goal of 12 SkillBridge sites nationwide serving 1,000 military personnel per year.

If you are interested in supporting the Department of Defense DoD SkillBridge Partnership with NPower as an employment partner, donor partner, or as volunteer please reach out to:

Dr. Wendy Lazarus
Regional Director for NPower | SkillBridge
[email protected]