Community Help Desk Testimonials

At the Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis Career and Technology Center, we are committed to assisting clients in meeting their professional and personal goals in an environment that makes learning enjoyable and profitable. Whether someone needs Basic Computer skills, Microsoft Office Applications training, or a Professional Development course, we make success possible. In addition to our primary focus, the CTC supports nationwide efforts to minimize the digital divide in communities.

Launching the AT&T Connected Learning Center in our agency’s headquarters provides our clients with a greater opportunity to learn and improve their overall digital knowledge.

In addition to the access to learn and use devices clients can now receive technical support from our partner, the NPower Community Help Desk. This is a much-needed support for our clients. Two out of three clients have devices other than a cell phone, yet they are not skilled enough to navigate the steps needed to utilize their devices to the fullest! 

The NPower Community Help Desk organization has quickly established trusted relationships with our clients. The feedback from clients speaks to their professionalism and technical expertise.  The team has been complimented for their knowledge and the clients love the one-on-one interactions. In the past, clients frequently brought their concerns and questions concerning their devices to me, now I can refer them to the Community Help Desk experts for their technical concerns.

This resource, whether over the phone or in person, is next level for the clients.  I teach the skill and provide the space for learning, but it is the partnership with NPower Community Help Desk that helps to excel and transfer that knowledge.

The Urban League of Metropolitan St. Louis and NPower both understand the importance of empowering communities with resources that create pathways to economic self-reliance. Access to technology, connectivity, and digital education are essential components for educating communities, producing quality workers, and improving life outcomes.  I believe because of this personal approach and access to digital resources we can continue to reach, connect, and support more individuals and families. 

Together, we can do our part to help bridge the digital divide! 

Jacqueline V. Carter, Ph.D.
Director, Career and Technology Center 

Agency Headquarters
Urban League of Metropolitan Saint Louis, Inc. 

1408 North Kingshighway  | St. Louis, MO. 63113

I had an opportunity to stop by the NPower Community Help Desk last month to have an older laptop serviced. The warm welcome and friendliness of the staff was amazing. I am not tech savvy at all; I left out feeling much better about my laptop and utilizing it.

The staff were very professional and patient with me and all my questions. I knew my laptop was old and needed to be updated with the apps. Since I had not logged into my computer in a long time, the staff had to keep my laptop as it was booting up. They made me feel so confident that I would be able to utilize my laptop once they finished servicing it. They took their time to sit with me and explain in detail what they were going to do and help me navigate to reset my password. I locked myself out of my computer.

Once I was able to reset my password, they asked me what I needed on my computer. I told them, and they were able to get me into the apps I needed, such as Zoom, Microsoft Suite, Adobe, and Google Documents. They explained to me that my laptop was old and I needed to upgrade it for all the apps to function correctly. They researched various sites to help me upgrade, explained to me which the best laptops were to purchase, and told me where I could go to get a great deal.

Since I received great customer service from the Community Help Desk, I shared the information with my contacts and family for them to get assistance with their electronics. Also, I’m an employee at the Urban League, and I sent an email to the leadership team to thank them for having the Community Help Desk in the building because it’s very convenient for all of us.

Linda Robinson
Director of Save Our Sisters Program