Fall 2023

Tech Fundamentals

Congratulations Class of Fall 2023!

We are so proud of the trainees who have successfully completed our Tech Fundamentals program. Congratulations to the NPower
New York Fall 2023
Class of Tech Professionals and Change-makers!

Keynote Speaker

Bill McDermott

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, ServiceNow

Bill is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ServiceNow – the company with the fastest organic growth in the history of enterprise software. Since Bill joined in late 2019, ServiceNow has more than doubled full-year revenues, while landing for the first time on the Fortune 500 list.   Before ServiceNow, he was CEO of SAP, the largest European software company. During his tenure, SAP’s market value increased from $39 billion to $163 billion. Author of the National Bestseller, Winners Dream, Bill is known for his relentless focus on customer relationships. He is one of the most admired leaders in business, with a successful career spanning iconic brands such as Xerox, Gartner, and Siebel Systems. Currently, Bill serves on the boards of directors of Zoom and Fisker Inc.   

Alumni Speaker

Andrew Holland​

New York Tech Fundamentals Spring 2015 | Cloud Summer 2022

Regional Help Desk Manager, Bain Capital

After completing NPower, I immediately told my friends and family about the program and told them to sign up so we could grow together. Two of my closest friends signed up right away – one for the Tech Fundamentals program and the other joined ServiceNow. Both now work at Accenture in senior roles.
After layoffs at my firm, I felt like I was back at square one, but my friends who had become my support system and now had full-time roles, reminded me of all that I had accomplished and not to lose sight of my goals. Keeping that in mind I only applied for roles that fit my goals until I came across my current one. This brings me to today; I have worked at Bain Capital for the last 6 years and I am the Regional Help Desk Manager for North America.

Alumni Speaker

Xiomara Machado

New York Tech Fundamentals (Brooklyn) Fall 2023 

“NPower has been a great help in getting my foot into the technical world. After completing the program, I plan to seek a career in UI/UX design, incorporating my creativity with my technical skills. I am excited to continue pursuing my previous dream and make it a reality.” 

Class Speaker

Jack-Andie Joanis

New York Tech Fundamentals (Harlem) Fall 2023

“NPower, to me, transcends being a mere educational platform; it serves as a catalyst for personal and professional transformation. As I stand on the brink of new opportunities, I am poised to embrace the challenges and possibilities that lie ahead, anticipating a career where I can make significant contributions to the evolving fields.”

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