RESET | Time for Change

The moment of reset is just the beginning.

When something goes wrong with technology, we reset. It’s a quick and painless refresh and we are able to move forward. 

But, what about when we need a big change in our own lives? Where is our reset button? 

For the young adults and veterans at NPower, this program is their reset. It is a chance to pivot, redirect and change their lives. 

Change is hard, resetting is harder. When individuals join the NPower program, they are taking a first step towards a new life. It takes guts and grit to change your life and each NPower student owns this commitment. 

The NPower program is always 100% free for the individuals we serve. However, the program is not free to run. NPower invests $7,500 per student to provide the innovative tech training, holistic support and tailored professional development so each of our graduates can succeed in their own reset and thrive in a tech career. We believe that these two foundational elements are critical to our proven success and represent the “NPower difference”:

  1. $0 cost to students 
  2. Deep-reaching, personalized support paired with market-driven tech training.

We understand the barriers that many of our students face: generational poverty, inconsistent child care, food insecurity, homelessness, diminished economic mobility, and access to quality health care; and we are ever committed to helping those who need us the most. 

This work is only possible with the generous investment of individuals and organizations. With your support, we can continue to improve the lives of people and families in the communities where we live and work.

Please consider an investment in NPower – and our students – to sustain these life-changing impacts.



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The NPower program is what gave me that purpose again, to get back on track to do better and be better.

Reset is a moment of courageous change. A time to look back, reflect and move forward in a completely different direction. For the individuals we serve, NPower is a committed partner in their new journey. Offering support far beyond tech training, we are a confidence-building, certification-earning and network-growing community organization that is changing lives. 

2021 has presented unique challenges and opportunities for our students. For many, this was the year where they saw light after months of darkness and uncertainty. They have decided that now is the time to pivot and joined NPower to put this moment of reset into action.

“Just do good. If you live by this one law of doing good, you have nothing to worry about. And that is how I shape everything that I do - I just try to do good."

Marine Corps Veteran Miguel has seen a lot. Orphaned at ten years old, his greatest inspiration comes from his family who rallied around him at a young age to create a stable childhood and foundation to succeed.

He served our country in the Marines, pivoted to a public relations career after service, and was working in law enforcement when debilitating injuries and a baby girl on the way pushed him to reevaluate what’s next.

Cybersecurity is his future and NPower is his path forward.

Jamaal had it all, but not how you would expect.

These past years, he has dealt with PTSD, job loss, a painful health diagnosis, housing instability, and a car break-in, all while raising children with his wife.

“Every time we try to get up we’re being hit by wave after wave, but we are still standing.”

The son of a military family, he proudly served in the U.S. Army, but has found chaos and uncertainty in recent years. Through a recommendation from the V.A., he joined the NPower Maryland Tech Fundamentals program to reset his life. His strength, enthusiasm, and commitment throughout the program have been unwavering, even when life-changing circumstances swirled around. He is on the cusp of launching his tech career and we are thrilled to watch him thrive.

“What reset means to me is having a fresh start. You have the chance to rewrite what has happened to you.”

Born and raised in Jersey City, NJ, Cameron was a stand-out football star at St. Peter’s Prep. After graduating, he enrolled in the United States Military Academy at West Point to begin his military career, earn a degree and play college-level football. During his sophomore year, unrelenting headaches brought him to the academy health clinic and he was quickly rushed to the hospital. A brain aneurysm required emergency surgery. After surgery, he re-learned how to walk and use his hands, and was determined to be back at West Point soon.

The military Medical Evaluation Board had other plans and ended his military career after a drawn-out, pandemic-delayed process. 

Cameron may be starting over on a completely different path, but he has NPower on his side. As both a young adult and military veteran, he epitomizes the determination, intelligence, and optimism of the individuals we serve. 

After overcoming homelessness, tech helped Mariah escape and reclaim her life.

Mariah made the move from Atlanta to the Bay Area for a fresh start in the center of the tech industry. Her living situation changed and she was faced with homelessness. She was 17 years old, alone in California, and living on the streets while trying to finish her high school program using a laptop, extension cords and borrowed wifi.

Mariah went from facing San Francisco streets alone to now navigating a tech career in Silicon Valley with support. With a little help from NPower coupled with her own determination and resilience, Mariah is on her way to creating life on her own terms!

“I know where I want to be in the future – I want to work in tech…and want to be financially stable. That pushes me to work hard.” 

Pablo graduated from the NPower NJ Tech Fundamentals program in 2020. He donated $1,000 to the year-end campaign. Here's why:

“The motivation behind my donation is really simple. When I thought I was going to be in a dead-end job and paying off student loans from a failed attempt at higher education, I received a recommendation to apply to NPower through a mutual friend in January of 2020.

I went from barely working part-time at the start of the pandemic, to having no job while attending virtual NPower courses, to ending the year with a well-paying apprenticeship role with Accenture. Within a year, I was promoted to a full-time position earning over 50% more.

The snowball effect I experienced within the past year was due, in part, to the NPower classes I attended back in 2020.

I felt my donation was the right thing to do given that the NPower program is free of charge. So really, I should be the one thanking the team at NPower for helping me get back on my feet during these trying times. This is a small gesture in the grand scheme of things”.

Before I even graduated from Tech Fundamentals, I found a job.

Irene Ataifo was working two minimum wage jobs at the end of 2020 when she knew something had to change. Even with a passion for tech, the industry still felt out of reach. She needed a reset and found NPower at the right time. After landing a job and graduating from Tech Fundamentals, she returned to NPower to join the Cloud Computing Fall 2021 cohort to advance her knowledge and career.

“Thanks to the NPower program, I’m taking my time to earn certifications and sharpen my tech skills. The AWS Solutions Architect certification is a six-figure certification, for free! The possibilities are limitless and I feel like tech gives me that power to do anything I want.”

Serving those who serve

We remain steadfast in our commitment to serve the military community and create paths to successful civilian tech careers.

Veterans and active duty transitioning service members have served our country, yet face immense challenges after leaving service. Military spouses have shouldered family obligations alone during their partner’s deployments while moving frequently, oftentimes forgoing steady careers and consistent education opportunities. Reserve and Guard service members play a critical, active role in national defense while balancing civilian work and life. Each deserve a chance to reset; to change what is possible and move ahead.

A new life and a sense of confidence where I didn't feel like the world was coming down on me."

Anthony Franklin was just starting his IT career when COVID-19 hit and he lost his job. With job opportunities shrinking and bills growing, he knew he needed help to get back on track. With NPower Maryland, he has found his confidence and is moving in the right direction. 

2020 has thrown too many curveballs to count, but NPower students like Anthony have learned to adjust, pivot, and rewire what is possible. Their ability to find opportunities and solutions in challenging situations will bring a valuable perspective to the tech industry. The future of tech is resilient, diverse, and energized.