Program aims to connect students and grads with job opportunities

BALTIMORE – For high school graduates, the big question is what’s next?

If the answer isn’t college, finding the next step can be overwhelming. To help combat the stress, local programs are giving Baltimore students the opportunity to gain job experience while connecting employers with qualified young talent.

NPower provides single mothers with tech skills needed to succeed in new digital economy

About six months ago, Maria German was a single mother unsure of her future. Wanting to provide a better life for her son, she knew she had to do something. That’s when she learned about NPower.

“It’s been life-changing,” said German. “They give you no excuse to not come to class, or to not do your work, or just to say I can’t do it because they’re just really helpful.”

Finding fellowship in military service

In an effort to help San Mateo County veterans bridge military and civilian life, local agencies and organizations are focusing on how their programs can provide career advancement and connections with their local peers.

NPower Graduates 33 From Digital Career Program Aimed At Underserved Young Adults and Veterans

Attending were 33 graduates, along with teachers, administrators, parents, members of the board and sponsors who hire NPower students as interns. NPower educates two kinds of students, veterans and young adults, and both were well represented at the ceremony. Michael K. Gray, director of constituent services for Congressman Donald M. Payne Jr., also attended. Michael Rasmussen, program manager at NPower, MC’ed the event.