Tech Fundamentals

Visualize a Career in Technology!

Our Tech Fundamentals program prepares students to begin careers in the field of information technology by offering FREE tech training, mentoring from business leaders, paid internships, career development workshops at leading corporations and nonprofits, industry-recognized certifications, job placement services and access to a robust alumni network. More than 80% of our alumni are employed or pursuing higher education within one year of graduation.    

Develop the Tech Skills You Need--FOR FREE!

In as little as 22 weeks, NPower students develop the tech skills they need to realize a career in technology. The specific coursework focuses on basic tech competencies needed for entry level IT employment.  The FREE training program includes:

  • 15-weeks of in-class instruction
  • 7-weeks paid internship
  • Mentoring from senior level IT professionals
  • Career development workshops
  • Opportunity to earn industry-recognized CompTIA A+ certification
  • Post-graduate job placement services
  • Opportunity to earn IT Generalist Apprenticeship credentials *
  • A range of social service and personal development support
  • Access to an elite and supportive alumni network

*U.S. Department of Labor recognition; availability varies by region.

Are You a Young Adult 18-25 years?

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must have a high school diploma or GED/HSE
  • Ages 18-25 (varies by region)
  • We generally consider applicants with an income that falls within 200% of the federal poverty level

Are You a Military Veteran?

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Successful applicants must be individuals who served in the military, honorably discharged and over 21 years old

We are committed to the success of our students. And our commitment to graduates is focused on job persistence and long-term career growth. 

NPower offers this program in Baltimore, New York, New Jersey, CaliforniaTexas and St. Louis. Find out if this program is for you.

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